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                                     allowed by law, no part of this publication may be reproduced in any
                                     form without the written permission of Haddonstone Ltd.  Please note
                                     also that much of Haddonstone’s garden ornamentation, architectural
                                     stonework  and  related  Tech  Sheets  and  computer  programs  are
                                     subject  to  registered  design,  copyright  and  similar  proprietary
                                     protections  under  the  laws  of  various  jurisdictions.  No  pieces
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                                     permission. Violators of such proprietary rights are subject to severe
                                     civil and criminal penalties under law.  The terms “HADDONSTONE”,
                                     “HADDON-TECSTONE”,  “TECCAST”,  “TECLITE”,  “TECSTONE”,
                                     “STONEAGE”, “TECHNISTONE”, “HADDONCRAFT”, “ARCADIAN”
                                     and “PENNINE STONE” and the stylised forms of these terms are,
                                     and in certain instances are registered as, trademarks and service
                                     marks of Haddonstone Ltd.

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                                                                                                                 Issue date: June 2009
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